reversibile per infissi in legno, porte e arredi

What is Omni=Joint?

Omni=Joint is a patented cross-dowel reversible connector (or joint) certified by  IFT Rosenheim. The connector make possible to assembly the singular elements of door, windows, tables, furniture, gazebos and much more.

foto Klima infisso 2015

What are the benefits of Omni=Joint?

Omni-Joint make possible assembly different elements of a door, windows, etc without the use of glue. That means, for example, in the case the glass of a window is damage, it’s possible to replace the glass disassembling the window. Also, during painting phase, it’s possible paint the single elements one by one giving more uniformity and giving more advantages for the durability during the “finishing touch” phase.


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Discover OJAS

Omni-Joint Assembly System it’s a manual drilling machine that make possible drilling windows, doors and furnitures for the correct insertion of the Omni-Joint. OJAS is born to suit small and medium companies that don’t have a CNC (Central Numeric Control Machine)

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