What is Omni=Joint?

Omni=Joint is a patented cross-dowel reversible connector (or joint) certified by IFT Rosenheim. The connector make possible to assembly the singular elements of doors, windows, tables, furniture elements, gazebos, artcrafts and much more.

Wich are the Omni=Joint solutions?

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In/Out Doors

Liftside Doors



Curved Parts


Why Omni=Joint is the solution for my company?

Percent of saving time/space


Unlimited assembly and disassembly. Omni=Joint guarantees strenght over the years

Hardware Compatibilty

Omni=Joint is compatible with all the main hardware brands in the woodworking sector

Less processing steps

No Further work processes after painting.
Saving 30-35% of the time/costs destinated to this operation (for example in door/furniture making)

Glass replacement

With Omni=Joint is possible to replace a damaged glass or frame component  at any time, in a very short time.

Saved space

Watch our videos to discover how to transport a large bed in a smart with Omni=Joint

Reduced time

Reduction of time between the different processing phases of the material.

Fast and cheap painting

With the joint hole it’s possible to ensure hooking stability to the painting line

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